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Minnesota Legal Reference Library
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Child and Juvenile Law - Parentage and Parenting Law

Child Custody and Child Support

Resources in this category:
   Child Support (Minnesota Department of Human Services)
   Child Support Enforcement (Minnesota Department of Human Services)
Forms, available in multiple languages (English, Hmong, Somali, and Spanish), include: Application for Support and Collections Services and Information on Child Support Enforcement (DHS-1958), Explanation of Child Support Medical Support and Child Care Support Services in Minnesota (DHS-2973), Minnesota Voluntary Recognition of Parentage (DHS-3159), Minnesota Voluntary Recognition of Parentage Revocation Form (DHS-3159b), Minnesota Husband's Non-paternity Statement Revocation Form (DHS-3159e), Referral to Support and Collections (DHS-3163b), and Non-IV-D Services Application (DHS-3164).
   Child Support Enforcement - Information for Employers (Minnesota Department of Human Services, Children and Family Services)
   Child Support Laws in Minnesota - An Overview (July 1, 2004) (Minnesota House of Representatives Research Department)
"Provides introductory information and answers to common questions about laws on setting, modifying, paying, enforcing, and terminating child support." 16 pages.
   Cooperation for the Children Program (Minnesota Second Judicial District (Ramsey County District Court))
   Evaluation Report: Child Support Enforcement by Program Evaluation Division (February 1, 2006) (Minnesota Office of the Legislative Auditor)
"To help ensure that custodial parents have sufficient financial resources to support their children, the federal government requires states to locate non-custodial parents, establish paternity and child support orders, modify orders when necessary, and collect and distribute support payments. If non-custodial parents do not pay their child support, states are authorized to take enforcement actions, such as intercepting tax refunds and seizing financial assets.

Minnesota's program ranks higher than most other states on four of five measures used by the federal government to monitor the program's performance. Nevertheless, Minnesota's program needs to be improved. We have the 15th least cost effective program among states, and county administration of the program has contributed to significant service inconsistencies statewide. To improve Minnesota's performance, we recommend that the Legislature and Department of Human Services strengthen the oversight and accountability of county operations."

91 pages.

   Hennepin County Economic Assistance Department, Child Support Division (Hennepin County, Minnesota)
   Minnesota Child Support Guidelines Calculator (Minnsota Department of Human Services)
"Effective January 1, 2007."

"The State of Minnesota Child Support Division bases the Child Support Guidelines Calculator on the Minnesota Child support guidelines statute. You can use it to estimate the amount of child support that the court may order on a case. This calculator is for informational and educational use only and is not a substitute for the child support guidelines.

"The court has the final authority to determine the amount of a child support order. The calculator provides an estimate only and is not a guarantee of the amount of child support the court will order. The calculator is only able to calculate a basic support amount for 6 or fewer joint children."

   Minnesota Child Support Online
"Minnesota Child Support Online is a secure website. It provides participants information about their Minnesota child support cases.""
   Minnesota Minority Child Heritage Protection Act (Minnesota Legislative Reference Library)
   Parental Guide to Making Child-Focused Parenting Time Decisions (January 1, 2001) (Minnesota Judicial Branch)
Prepared by the Minnesota Supreme Court Advisory Task Force on Parenting Time and Child Support Enforcement. Approved by the Minnesota Conference of Chief Judges January 1999. Updated January 2001. 15 pages.

Contents: Purpose, Assumptions, Limitations, Special Situations, Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, Chemical Dependency, When a Parent Has Been Absent, What Parents Can Do to Help, Keep Children Out of the Middle, Establish a Workable Means of Communication, Resolve Conflict Quickly, Separate Parenting Time and Child Support, Respect Parent-Child Relationships, Facilitate Transition from One Parent to the Other, Encourage Telephone and Other Contact, Establish Similar Household Routines, Provide Child's Belongings, Support Contact with Grandparents and Other Extended Family, Accommodate Vacation Plans, Establish a Routine for Picking Up and Dropping Off Child, Parenting Time Suggestions, Generally, Infants and Toddlers, Developmental Tasks, Parenting Time Considerations, What Parents Can Do to Help, Preschoolers, Developmental Tasks, Parenting Time Considerations, What Parents Can Do to Help, Elementary School, Developmental Tasks, Parenting Time Considerations, What Parents Can Do to Help, Adolescents, Developmental Tasks, Parenting Time Considerations, What Parents Can Do to Help, Conclusions

   Understanding Child Support: A Handbook for Parents (Minnesota Department of Human Services)
Introduction to child support, in plain English. 24 pages.
   Child Support Enforcement Abroad (U.S. Department of State)
   Wex: Child Custody (Legal Information Institute)

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