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Intellectual Property Law

Copyright Law

  • Copyright Forms & Documents
  • Public Domain

  • Resources in this category:
       "Best Edition" of Published Copyrighted Works for the Collections of the Library of Congress (U.S. Copyright Office)
       Brief History and Overview of the U.S. Copyright Office (U.S. Copyright Office)
       Compendium II: Copyright Office Practices (U.S. Copyright Office)
    A manual of Copyright Office practices and procedures, intended primarily for Copyright Office staff. Chapter 1600 - Recordation of Transfers and Other Documents Pertaining to a Copyright - and Chapter 1900 - Records, Indexes, and Deposits of the Copyright Office, Inspection, Copying, Additional Certificates and Other Certifications, are available online.
       Copyright Basics - Circular 1 (September 1, 2017) (U.S. Copyright Office)
    10 pages.
       Copyright Fees (U.S. Copyright Office)
       Copyright Law and Practice, Chapter 1 (on the History of Copyright Law) (Digital Law Online)
    This is the first chapter of William F. Patry's treatise, "Copyright Law and Practice" (BNA Books 1994). Prof. Holaar, who publishes Digital Law Online, and reprints this chapter with consent of BNA, calls it "one of the most readable and comprehensive works on copyright law." This book excerpt includes the 2000 Cumulative Supplement to Chapter 1.
       Copyright Laws, Regulations, Reports and Studies, Etc. (U.S. Copyright Office)
       Copyright Notice (U.S. Copyright Office)
       Copyright Registration for Derivative Works (U.S. Copyright Office)
       Copyright Registration Step-by-Step Guides (U.S. Copyright Office)
    Instructions and information about registering various types of works, including literary works, visual arts works, performing arts works, sound recordings, serials and periodicals, and mask works (Unless you are in the semiconductor business, that last category - mask works - won't be of great interest.)
       Copyright Term and the Public Domain in the United States by Hirtle, Peter B. (January 1, 2005) (Cornell University)
       Duration of Copyright: Provisions of the Law Dealing with the Length of Copyright Protection (U.S. Copyright Office)
       Extension of Copyright Term (U.S. Copyright Office)
       Final Report of the National Commission on New Technology Uses of Copyrighted Works (Digital Law Online, published by Professor Lee A. Hollaar, University of Utah School of Computing)
    Prof. Hollaar writes: "The CONTU Final Report provided not only the justification for Congress's amending of Sections 101 and 117 of the Copyright Act of 1976 to address computer software, but also discussed the protection of databases and other collections of information and the use of technology such as photocopiers."
       How to Investigate the Copyright Status of a Work (U.S. Copyright Office)
       How to Open and Maintain a Deposit Account in the Copyright Office (U.S. Copyright Office)
       Limitations on the Information Furnished by the Copyright Office (U.S. Copyright Office)
       Make Sure Your Application Form to Register a Copyright Will Be Acceptable (U.S. Copyright Office)
       Mandatory Deposit of Copies or Phonorecords for the Library of Congress (U.S. Copyright Office)
       Obtaining Access to and Copies of Copyright Office Records and Deposits (U.S. Copyright Office)
       Public Knowledge
    "Public Knowledge is a public-interest advocacy organization dedicated to fortifying and defending a vibrant information commons. ... promote[s] the core conviction that some fundamental democratic principles and cultural values -openness, access, and the capacity to create and compete - must be given new embodiment in the digital age."
       Publications on Copyright (U.S. Copyright Office)
    16 pages.
       Recordations of Transfers and Other Documents (U.S. Copyright Office)
       Renewal of Copyright (U.S. Copyright Office)
       Reproduction of Copyrighted Works by Educators and Librarians (U.S. Copyright Office)
       Special Handling of an Application for Registration of a Claim to Copyright or for the Recordation of a Document Pertaining to Copyright. (U.S. Copyright Office)
       Statement on Intellectual Property Protection for Databases (October 31, 1997) (American Association for the Advancement of Science)
    "This Statement explains why such sui generis proposals or any proposals that would impede the full and open exchange of scientific data are inimical to scientific progress and presents a set of principles for evaluating intellectual property proposals related to scientific databases."
       Supplementary Copyright Registration (U.S. Copyright Office)
       The Effects of Not Replying Within 120 Days to Copyright Office Correspondence (U.S. Copyright Office)
       The Tyranny of Copyright? (January 25, 2004) (New York Times)
    Article by Robert S. Boynton discussing the clash of perspectives concerning the role of copyright law and its effect on society in the digital age. Contains a substantial discussion of the Copy Left or "free culture movement".

    "A protest movement is forming, made up of lawyers, scholars and activists who fear that bolstering copyright protection in the name of foiling ''piracy'' will have disastrous consequences for society."

       Wex: Copyright (Legal Information Institute)
       When U.S. Works Pass Into the Public Domain by Gasaway, Lolly (November 4, 2003) (University of North Carolina)
    Chart with three columns: date of work, protected from, and term. 2 pages.
       Works Made for Hire under the 1976 Copyright Act (U.S. Copyright Office)

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