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Minnesota Legal Reference Library
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Public Sector Law

Election and Campaign Law

  • Judicial Selection and Elections

  • Resources in this category:
       2012 Minnesota Campaign Manual (Minnesota Secretary of State)
    "State law requires the Secretary of State to publish an easily understandable annotated digest of Chapters 211A and 211B of our statutes." Deals with campaign financial reporting and fair campaign practices.
       Minnesota Campaign Manual - Campaign Financial Reporting and Fair Campaign Practices (December 1, 2004) (Minnesota Office of the Secretary of State)
    "State law requires the Secretary of State to publish an easily understandable annotated digest of Chapters 211A and 211B of our statutes. This booklet contains the required digest, the text of Chapters 211A and 211B and annotations to these chapters and to former Chapter 210A, known as the Fair Campaign Practices Act, which had some provisions comparable to 211A and 211B." 44 pages.
       Minnesota Public School District Election Manual, revised June 2012 (July 1, 2003) (Minnesota School Boards Association)
    2o4 pages.
       Federal Election Commission
       Republican Party of Minnesota et al. v. Suzanne White, in her capacity as Chairperson of the Minnesota Board on Judicial Standards, et al., No. 99-4021 (8th Cir. August 2, 2005) by Beam, Circuit Judge (August 8, 2005) (U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit)
    "The Supreme Court's remand requires us to consider two issues in light of White: the constitutional viability of the partisan-activities and solicitation clauses of Canon 5.1 [of the Minnesota Supreme Court's canons of judicial conduct]. ... "In White, the Supreme Court invalidated the announce clause and remanded[.] Upon further consideration of the partisan-activities and solicitation clauses in light of White, ... they likewise do not survive strict scrutiny and thus violate the First Amendment."

    "Since our ruling today essentially moots any viable Fourteenth Amendment claims, we leave them for consideration on another day, if necessary."

    80 pages, including a lengthy dissent.

       Republican Party of Minnesota et al. v. White, Chairperson, Minnesota Board of Judicial Standards, et al., 536 U.S. 765 (2002) (June 27, 2002) (Legal Information Institute)
       The New Campaign Finance Sourcebook (The Brookings Institution)
    By Anthony Corrado, Thomas E. Mann, Daniel R. Ortiz, and Trevor Potter. Prepublication drafts of several chapters of the book.
       IRS Political Organization Disclosure Forms Search (Internal Revenue Service)
    Search Forms 8871 and Forms 8872 required to be filed by Political Organizations.
       Instant-Runnoff Voting by Gehring, Matt (February 1, 2007) (Minnesota House of Representatives Research Department)
    "This information brief answers basic questions about how instant-runoff voting works." 7 pages.

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