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For lawyers in private practice, corporate counsel, businesses, organizations, and government, we have a powerful subscriber edition built around our fully explorable law practice problem solving environment and intellectual capital system, Laugment.TM

It's an advanced lawyer augmentation system delivered in the form of a knowledge graph.

Laugment provides advanced, easy-to-use law practice thinking architecture via your desktop or handheld device browser.

As of January 1, 2023, Laugment knows more than 400,000 words and phrases. Because they are interconnected by 1,700,000 smart relationships, Laugment functions as an intellectual network extending your own mind. It also serves as a dynamic semantically-powered gateway to the best of the larger legal Web. If you don't have scores of dedicated knowledge management lawyers working on your behalf -- or, frankly, even if you do -- you need Laugment.

As a lawyer, you need an advanced lawyer-built law practice knowledge assistant / electronic mentor in myriad ways in your daily practice. But until Laugment came along, the Legal Web had no "brain" to make it more useful to practicing lawyers. The empty search box can't do what Laugment can do - make your most valuable asset -- your legal mind -- sharper, quicker, and more creative than ever. How? By providing you with a functioning "intellectual exoskeleton" magnifying your law practice mind -- one based on years of law practice modeling and real time legal transactive memory effects.

Here's what others have said.

And if you're an institutional client, or an in-house lawyer who hires outside counsel, let's talk about how we can mutually support your law firms' leap into 21st century-style value-magnified law practice.

Call us or ask us to call you.

Disclaimer: Laugment is not intended to substitute for a lawyer but rather to amplify the powers of smart people in real time and improve the lawyering process.


What Are People Saying about LawMoose?

  • "LawMoose is a great resource for attorneys or other people who want to explore legal information. Their Public Edition provides substantial coverage of Minnesota and federal law and government resources on the Web, and they also have a Subscriber Edition that offers even more."
    Re:Sources, Access Justice PSC
  • "The good news is that the increased challenge has largely been a result of the diversity of other high quality free law sources that have grown up on the Web – sources of widely different scale and mission: ranging from other academically based sites ..., through state government sites ..., to commercial sites, both small (LawMoose covering the states of Minnesota and Wisconsin) and huge, Google Scholar."
    The Legal Information Institute at 20
    Remarks by Peter M. Martin, Peter Martin, co-founder, Cornell Legal Information Institute, Jane MG Foster Professor of Law Emeritus and former Dean, Cornell Law School
    2012 Law Via the Internet Conference
    Ithaca, New York
    October 8, 2012
  • "Your product is amazing!"
    Solo Practitioner, referring to LawMoose's subscriber edition for lawyers
    Woodbury, Minnesota
    August 28, 2012
  • "This site is quite comprehensive, listing many, many available resources."
    William Mitchell College of Warren E. Burger Law Library
  • "Compendium of all things Minnesota legal."
    Peter Berge, Minnesota CLE
    Online Legal Research
    Strategic Solutions for Solo & Small Firms Conference, Duluth, Minnesota
    August 9, 2011
  • "[T]he most organized way to use the Web to research the various primary law sources."
    Human Resource Professionals of Minnesota, Valuable Links
  • "An excellent way to identify articles about Minnesota law is to consult the Minnesota Legal Periodical Index, available at www.lawmoose.com/index.cfm?Action=MLPI.ShowArticleFinder. This index covers several Minnesota periodicals that are not available online or indexed elsewhere."
    Suzanne Thorpe, Minnesota Legal Research at 18 (Carolina Academic Press 2010)
  • "It is AWESOME."
    Solo Practitioner, referring to LawMoose's subscriber edition for lawyers
    Twin Cities suburb
    Fall 2010
  • "The legal database that you have put together is truly amazing and would be an excellent resource to any attorney."
    Lawyer in Solo Practice, referring to LawMoose's subscriber edition for lawyers
    Twin Cities, Minnesota
    June 2010
  • "LawMoose and the James J. Hill Library are two outstanding sources for researching the multitude of laws and regulations that exist for business in Minnesota."
    StartUp Edge
  • "Well organized, large and invaluable collection of Minnesota legal resources and information"
    Bethel University Library
    St. Paul, Minnesota
  • "LawMoose is Minnesota's legal gateway site."
    Fergus Falls Public Library
    Fergus Falls, Minnesota
  • "The premier legal site for Minnesota and Wisconsin."
    Lifecyle Mediation®
  • "Sometimes, the brain needs a jumpstart. Whether in the beginning, the middle, or the end of a writing project, [LawMoose and three other web sites] might help."
    Institute for Paralegal Education, eNewsletter (March 2008)
  • "I want to tell you I have already E-mailed the URL for [resource omitted] to one of our professors. ... Thanks for providing this service."
    Law School Law Librarian, California, March 5, 2008
  • "Lawmoose.com is a Minnesota legal search engine that, while not offering legal advice, offers an online legal reference library for researching Minnesota law, an online search engine focused on law related sites in Minnesota, and a Minnesota legal periodicals index. The site assists users in framing legal questions and issues to address to their own legal counsel."
    Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development, A Guide to Starting a Business in Minnesota, 26th edition, January 2008 (also the 23rd, 24th, and 25th editions 2005 - 2007)
  • "An enormous collection of Minnesota-specific material. Highly recommended."
    Leigh Webber, Legal Research on the Internet, Minnesota Continuing Legal Education, December, 2007
  • "The site is so simple that the best advice for the user is that they (sic) simply surf it."
    George Butterfield and Kristyn Helge, An Overview of Selected Legal Digital Libraries, Law Library Resource Xchange, June 25, 2007
  • "Thank You. I found exactly what I was looking for."
    LawMoose visitor, June 2007
  • "Lawmoose.com provides online research links to resources for Wisconsin and Minnesota. The legal search engines are state specific which make finding information much easier than on a global site. Judges directories and an extensive list of legal forms are also provided for both states."
    ABA Site-tation
    American Bar Association Legal Technology Resource Center
    July 11, 2006
  • "Easy-to-use, well organized regional legal reference library."
    Minnesota School of Business Globe College Library
    January 2006
  • "Fabulous web site. If you are not familiar with LawMoose, go home and get familiar with it."
    Carole Levitt
    Internet for Lawyers
    Co-author, Lawyer's Guide to Fact Finding on the Internet
    Internet Legal Research CLE seminar
    Minnesota Continuing Legal Education
    Minneapolis, Minnesota
    August 10, 2005
  • "Covers the midwest like nobody else!"
    Monica Bay
    Editor-in-chief, Law Technology News, Editorial Director, Law Firm Inc. and Small Firm Business
    The Common Scold
    August 8, 2005
  • "Thank you so much for LawMoose. It's an awesome site."
    Minneapolis, Minnesota
    August, 2005
  • "Whenever I need something, I go to LawMoose first."
    Minneapolis, Minnesota Law Firm
    May, 2005
  • "Very Minnesota-specific, yet its section on How to Do Legal Research is beneficial to anyone, from a member of the public to practicing attorneys."
    Citizen's Guide to the Fifth Judicial District, Kansas
    Spring 2005
  • "Highly recommended, especially for locating law-related resources in Minnesota and Wisconsin."
    University of Minnesota Law Library
    Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • "If you'd like to see what can really be done with a state legal portal, take a look at LawMoose[.] There's a wealth of info, intelligently arranged[.] Minnesota and Wisconsin folks are fortunate to have this tool."
    Comment we happened to find on the newly launched Ohio Legal Research Blog
    December 2004
  • "Cool Website".
    Minnesota Association of County Probation Officers, MACPOST, Winter 2005 at 2.
  • "[The Lexis-Nexis/Westlaw] "duopoly" now has challengers and competitors. ... By far, the biggest boon to legal researchers is the vast proliferation of information freely made available on the Web. ... As the information has grown so too have the entities willing to organize it, index it and make it findable and usable.... Entrepreneurs have developed search engines and directories that provide order and access to the information.... [O]ur local LawMoose [is one] of these."
    Susan A. Kiefer, Road to Internet Research Still Under Construction, Minnesota Lawyer, November 15, 2004. (Kiefer is Law Library Director and Associate Professor of Law at Hamline University School of Law, St. Paul, Minnesota.)
  • "For those of us who have been hesitant to dip into 'yet another website': I've tried LawMoose three or four times over the past couple of weeks and have found it to be enjoyable, easy to use, comprehensive, and useful.

    Responding to an opponent's imposing trial brief, it took less than five minutes to find the leading case - that my learned opponent had somehow overlooked. All this in a conceptual area I hadn't heard or thought of since graduating in the upper two-thirds of my class some thirty years ago...

    It is more than just pleasant to find such a resource. Plus, it does not require all the training and hoops imposed by WestLaw or other sites based on earlier, more primitive protocols."

    David K. Porter, Lawyer, 5208 Bloomington Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota
    October 2004
  • "LawMoose deserves a lot of thanks for making our jobs easier, without paying an arm and a leg to the giant legal publishers."
    Thomas J. Germscheid, Germscheid Law Firm, LLC, Maplewood, Minnesota. (Mr. Germscheid is a Civil Trial Specialist certified by the Minnesota State Bar Association and the National Board of Trial Advocacy.)
    October 2004.
  • "If I were stranded on a desert island and could only access one web site, I'd probably want to be able to connect to www.coastguard.gov/Find-me-I-am-lost-and-need-help.html. If I were in the situation and could connect to a second site, it would be www.lawmoose.com, where I would be able to navigate the legal questions that seem to come up in the middle of nowhere and need to have quick, correct answers to meet the needs of clients."
    Midwestern AmLaw 10 Law Firm Librarian
    September 2004
  • "There are many great websites out there that provide links to primary authority. Instead of trying to remember them all, try just one - LawMoose."
    Minnesota Association of Law Libraries ((MALL) Consulting & Community Outreach Committee, Locating Legal Information on the Web 2004. Funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Committee is presenting 14 full-day workshops all around Minnesota to show public and county librarians how to use the Web to locate legal information. The workshops are sponsored by the Minnesota Department of Education, State Library Agency.
  • "[The 8th International Conference on Substantive Technology in Legal Education and Practice] is an international gathering of legal academics, with a sprinkling of law librarians and technologists. ... [One] theme of the conference was taxonomic systems, familiar enough to librarians, but less so to academics, although lawyers are used to hierarchical structures. Of particular interest to me was a demonstration of the Minnesota service LawMoose, which is powered by software called LawSaurus. This provides a poly-hierarchical structure for legal information, including broader and narrower terms, and related terms, the standard thesaurus characteristics given three dimensions in the information service. I think this has enormous potential and hope to look into it further."
    Sarah Carter I saw Bill Gates, Report of the SubTech Conference, University of Washington, Seattle, 20-24 June 2004 (Sarah Carter is Law Librarian, Templeman Library, University of Kent, Canterbury, UK.)
  • "[G]eared primarily to Minnesota and Wisconsin, but all researchers can find something of value here. ... A terrific regional offering with something for everyone."
    Inter-Alia, Internet Legal Research Weekly, March 7, 2004
  • "Your revolutionary website is a Godsend. In fact, LawMoose is the first place I go for state and federal legal research and so much more--leaving the icon on my PC for one of your competitors as a mere reminder of how it used to be. What keeps me coming back are the continual enhancements to the LawMoose website. Kudos! And thank you!"
    John Weyland, Attorney at Law, Lakeville, Minnesota, February, 2004
  • "The Minnesota Legal Reference Library covers far more ground than Minnesota as the site contents ... will quickly indicate. ... This is a useful source for persons looking for legal information in general and an invaluable one for those looking for information about Minnesota government and law in particular."
    David Dillard, Reference Librarian, Temple University Paley Library, excerpt from post to NetGold, Law Source, MediaMentor and Net-Happenings electronic discussion lists, December 13 2003
  • "Best of the Web"
    Human Resource Professionals of Minnesota, Update newsletter, December 2003, (H R Hotspot column), at 7.
  • "Cutting-edge Web-based legal resource centers continue to innovate. Lawmoose.com ... for example, is trying to design a legal universe with specific tools to make the wealth of information available on the Internet truly serve lawyers. [LawMoose has] rolled out "Lawyer Selector" ... and a "lawsaurus," a legal knowledge thesaurus. [U]sers feel that [LawMoose is] constantly asking for feedback and incorporating it into the site. In serving and interacting with the community of users, [LawMoose is] strengthening and enlarging it."
    Wendy R. Leibowitz, Can We Get the Romance Back? (As I Was Saying Column), 29 Law Practice Management No. 8 (November/December 2003) at 18, 20-21 (reprinted on author's WendyTech site).
  • "If you haven't been to www.lawmoose.com yet, you are missing something BIG! ... [S]earch legal articles, access information on Minnesota judges, research Minnesota law, access Minnesota law firm websites and much more. The same services are available for Wisconsin too!"
    The Scoop, William Mitchell College of Law Career Services newsletter, September 15, 2003
  • "Click over to www.lawmoose.com and profound changes will be immediately evident. What a simple and elegant interface. LawMoose's main page directory (formerly adorned in "Early Yahoo" style) is now a thesaurus-driven directory ... that already leads to significantly more links.... [The] sleek, new, black navigation menu bar ... lets us zoom around effortlessly. ... [H]ats off ... for taking an excellent site and making it so much better."
    Bill Jack, No Summer Slowdown in Minnesota (The Internet Column), Minnesota Association of Law Libraries (MALL) Newsletter at 6, July/August 2003
  • "LawMoose is a great resource for entrepreneurs who need to find a legal form or are looking for a background article on a legal topic. LawMoose is particularly helpful to entrepreneurs in rural areas.
    Ann Treacy, Minnesota Rural Partners, July 2003
  • "LawMoose ... has become well-known in Minnesota legal circles as a means of finding relevant legal information on the Web."
    LawMoose to unveil 'Lawyer Selector' feature, Minnesota Lawyer, July 21, 2003 at 2.
  • "Great new home page!! ... It looks a lot cleaner. I didn't think you could have organized it any better but you, as usual, found new ways. Congratulations!"
    Frances Li, Thao & Li, P.A., Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, July 7, 2003
  • "[The] already good LawMoose portal has a clean new look and added functionality."
    Jerry Lawson, Net.Law.Blog, July 7, 2003
  • "I've referred several callers seeking articles to the MLPI and all have been delighted with the result."
    Judson Haverkamp, Director of Publications, Minnesota State Bar Association and Editor, Bench & Bar (indexed in the MLPI), April, 2003
  • "'I am very proud of the fact that we finally got the Minnesota [legal] periodicals index online,' [State Law Librarian Barbara Golden] says. 'People can search it freely. ...' Golden adds that the project would not have been completed without the assistance of ... LawMoose, which actually hosts the site."
    Barbara Golden, quoted in Michelle Lore, The Golden years: A new era for Minnesota State Law Library, Minnesota Lawyer, April 28, 2003
  • "Thank you for including the highly valued Minnesota Legal Periodical Index (MLPI) on your website. Its presence on LawMoose absolutely improves access to Minnesota's legal journal literature."
    Sara Galligan, Law Library Manager, Dakota County Law Library, Hastings, Minnesota, April 2003. (Ms. Galligan was named one of ten Minnesota "Up and Coming Attorneys 2003" by Minnesota Lawyer.)
  • "There's a lot of technological "added value" lurking beneath that smooth and clean surface. ... The free Web doesn't get better than this. ... If LawMoose came from any other state, I think we'd all be saying, "Why can't we have something like that here?" Well, we do, and it keeps getting better and better."
    Bill Jack, William Mitchell College of Law, Minnesota's Roving Alces Americana (The Internet Column), Minnesota Association of Law Libraries (MALL) Newsletter, Vol. 29, No. 4 (January-February 2003) at 4-5.
  • "The Minnesota LawMoose remains by far the single best site for information on Minnesota and Eighth Circuit law. [T]he Moose is an excellent one-stop site for links to forms, state law, opinions, legal newspapers, judges, and other useful information. ... An added attraction ... this year is ... Minnesota's legal periodicals index[.] ... Wisconsin LawMoose ... is quickly becoming the best site for ... Wisconsin's legal information."
    David Schultz, Professor, Hamline University School of Law, Legal Research Tools on the Internet, Barrister, (Ramsey County Bar Ass'n) (January 2003) 4-5.
  • "[B]est site for easy access to all Minnesota legal materials."
    George R. Jackson, Professor of Legal Research Instruction and Reference Librarian, University of Minnesota Law Library, Internet Legal Research, presented at "The New Lawyer Experience", Minnesota CLE, Minneapolis, Minnesota, January 6, 2003
  • "I have been an avid fan of the website since its inception. You have really created a useful resource for everyone."
    Law Firm Managing Partner, Cottage Grove, Minnesota, December 2002
  • "If you are having trouble remembering in which periodical you read some information that has suddenly become very important to your research try the newly available online index to Minnesota's legal periodicals. Get the right bibliographical information fast ... at LawMoose.com."
    Courtney Ward-Reichard, An Inside View, Hennepin Lawyer, December 2002 at 2 (unavailable on the Web).
  • "LawMoose offers you an option to search all of the collections simultaneously.... I tried this, and it really works! .... LawMoose is the best starting point to find Minnesota-related legal information."
    Featured Website: LawMoose, St. Thomas Law Library Newsletter, October 2002 at 2.
  • "Exhaustive, easy-to-use law resource for lawyers and lay alike, oriented toward Minnesota but with many general resources for everyone."
    Librarians' Index to the Internet, October 7, 2002
  • "In this increasingly razzle-dazzle world of online resources, unassuming but solid LawMoose demonstrates the continuing value and appeal of simple organization and depth of content. [I]ts importance extends beyond Minnesota, the state that receives the bulk of its attention. ... a beacon of clarity and ease, setting standards that deserve to be emulated. ... worth a spot on the Favorites list of anyone whose research wanders abroad ... In case LawMoose decides to roam a little more broadly, I'm keeping field glasses on this one."
    Kathy Biehl, LawMoose Expands Its Roaming Range (Web Critic column), Law Library Resource Exchange, October 1, 2002. In addition to being an LLRX columnist, Ms. Biehl is co-author of the Lawyer's Guide to Internet Research (Scarecrow Press 2000), a columnist for The Internet Legal Research Newsletter, and freelance journalist writing about legal, Internet and general interest topics for national, regional and online publications.
  • "LawMoose is incredible. It's a one-stop shopping online destination for all law-related topics in Minnesota, Wisconsin and the World This site is an example of the highest, best use of the Web. Hats off to LawMoose for creating a unique, valuable resource."
    Larry Bodine, LawMarketing.com, September 2002. Larry Bodine is Chicago legal marketing consultant, publisher of the LegalMarketing portal web site and moderator of the LawMarketing listserv. He was previously Director of Communications at Sidley Austin Brown & Wood, Chicago, publisher of Lawyers Weekly USA, and editor/publisher of the American Bar Association Journal.

  • The Virtual Chase's Legal Research Guide names LawMoose to its list of selected Research Starting Points. Meanwhile, the Virtual Chase's Search Engine Guide for Law Search Services lists LawMoose as meriting the "Best in This Category" designation.

    "LawMoose, by Pritchard Law Webs, illustrates the power of a true research portal. Designed for those who seek Minnesota or Wisconsin legal information, LawMoose provides built-in search functions that help visitors find a variety of information, including, but not limited to, judicial bios, statutes, legislation, and company information. Novice, as well as advanced, searchers will appreciate the simplicity of finding information at this site. Features include the ability to retrieve information about certain Minnesota companies with a single click, a searchable index of articles from Minnesota legal journals, single click access to law-related Web sites by legal topic, and more."

    Genie Tyburski, The Virtual Chase: Legal Research on the Internet and TVC Alert newsletter, September 6, 2002 (updating original review of August 9, 2001).
  • "I wanted to e-mail you and let you know how useful your web site is. ... Before visiting your web site, I had a hard time finding anything that remotely resembled what I was looking for. ... Then I came across your web site. I found it user friendly and easy to maneuver. I was able to not only able to find [what I was initially looking for], but I was able to find an Entertainment lawyer as a bonus. Thank you once again."
    Satisfied LawMoose User, August 13, 2002
  • "Lawmoose.com is truly an impressive legal portal site. We bet that every net-savvy lawyer in Minnesota has it as their home page or on their links bar. It also covers Wisconsin and "the world," but it clearly is a Minnesota portal first and foremost, serving as a comprehensive search engine and gateway. This site is well-maintained and well-designed. Some sites are deceptively simple, with many hidden treasures. With this site's home page, the reaction is more an in-your-face "Wow!" Be sure and check out the site map on your first visit."
    Jim Calloway, Oklahoma Bar Association, designating LawMoose as OBA "Site of the Week", July 22, 2002. Mr. Calloway has selected Sites of the Week for members of the Oklahoma Bar since 1999. He is the state bar's Management Assistance Program Director.
  • "[M]ost legal web portals have been slow to embrace spiders[.] An exception is LawMoose[.] ... While LawMoose specializes in regional content, it contains ... tools that might be of interest to corporate attorneys working in other states....

    The beauty of LawMoose's engine is that it allows users to hone in on certain information, search a number of quality legal sites in one sitting and filter out much of the junk that bogs down most commercial search engines....

    [S]earch LawMoose's collection of sites with the confidence that the process will be fast and focused. In the end, it will save you some time and frustration[.]"

    Cary Griffith, LawMoose's Virtual Spider Spins Its Web in New Directions (Web Cites column), Corporate Legal Times, July 2002 at 18. (Only a brief summary of the full article is available on the Web.)
  • "This site is fantastic. It would be incredible if case law before 1996 was provided."
    Satisfied LawMoose User, June 5, 2002
  • "As usual, ... LawMoose ... was/is right on top of things. Within a day of the Minnesota rules appearing online, LawMoose had a link to them. The "Court Rules" section on the LawMoose front page leads one easily and intuitively and gracefully to the [court] rules, and more.

    Too bad other states don't have a LawMoose."

    Bill Jack, William Mitchell College of Law, The Internet Column (Minnesota Association of Law Libraries Newsletter, May, June 2002 at 6,7.
  • "LawMoose does an excellent job of indexing Minnesota legal web sites, including law firms, law-related news sources, and much more."
    Cary Griffith, Legal Research: Shop Till You Drop, Hennepin Lawyer, April 2002, at 18, 19 (unavailable online).
  • "The Minnesota Law Moose ... is an essential bookmark for anyone practicing in Ramsey County or Minnesota ... free on-line searches of Minnesota case law ... links to many useful legal documents and forms ....

    [Y]ou can create an online notebook into which you can cut and paste your research [allowing you] to begin to write a legal memo, or brief, or prepare another document on-line ... a second great feature is ... translation ... provid[ing] an opportunity to convert documents into a language that may be more suitable for the clients or audience you wish to reach."

    David Schultz, Legal Resources on the Web, The Barrister (published by Ramsey County Bar Association)(February 2002)
  • "LawMoose certainly is the premier place to find links regarding Minnesota law."
    Paul S. Jacobsen, attorney, arbitrator, and mediator, Brainerd, Minnesota, author of Net Law - How Lawyers Use the Internet (O'Reilly & Associates/Songline Studios 1997) (See reviews and references), January 2002
  • "Wonderful Minnesota Medical/Legal Information!!"
    Minneapolis Messenger - Minnesota Chapter, American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants
  • "I think LawMoose is the best!"
    Satisfied LawMoose User, January 10, 2002

  • "Site of the Year"

    "LawMoose.com is a model legal portal site for lawyers nationwide."

    Internet Tools for Lawyers, sponsored by Netlawtools, Inc., January 2002
  • "Best site for easy access to all Minnesota legal materials."
    William Mitchell College of Law Internet Legal Research Course Web Site, Sony Huesman, Bill Jack, and Jan Stone, instructors, January 2002
  • The Moose is at your disposal. The LawMoose that is, http://www.lawmoose.com . The site gathers the Minnesota law community and legal resources in one place. It was designed for lawyers and non-lawyer types. For instance, you can follow links from the Moose to the Minnesota Secretary of State Web site for business service forms such as articles of incorporation. Also on the Moose, find a law library or check up on an attorney by following the link to the State Bar Association.
    Sherry Cruz, Moose hunts for you (MinneBytes technology column), Minneapolis Star Tribune, December 3, 2001.
  • LawMoose is listed as one of Twelve Best Jumping-Off Points for Legal Research on the Web.
    Minnesota State Bar Association, November, 2001
  • "I really appreciate all the work you have done in making the Internet accessible to lawyers and parties. I wrote a book on family law for consumers and directed people to your site as the place to start. It is a great resource."
    Tom Tuft, Thomas Tuft Law Offices, St. Paul, Minnesota, author of How to File for Divorce in Minnesota (Sphinx Publishing 2001), October, 2001
  • "The site looks great! You've really put together a terrific resource for all of us."
    Becky R. Bickett, President, Legal Marketing Association, Minnesota Chapter and Marketing Manager, Larkin, Hoffman, Daly & Lindgren, Ltd., Minneapolis, Minnesota, October, 2001
  • "Wow! I never knew a site to be so helpful!"
    Satisfied LawMoose User, October, 2001
  • University students in the "Access to Information" course are assigned to review general and specialized sources of Minnesota government information. LawMoose is one of five general web-based Minnesota legal sources students must review. (The other four are published by the State of Minnesota.)
    St. Cloud State University, Center for Information Media, Access to Information, IM 552, Minnesota Government Information, Fall Semester 2001 (taught by Keith Ewing, Professor of Information Media).
  • "For Minnesota statutes and opinions ... I turn to http://www.lawmoose.com/index.cfm. ... LawMoose harks back to the good old days of the web and to the now (sadly, and seemingly seditious) outmoded idea that information should be free and accessible to all. In fact, there is so much I love about LawMoose that I wish there was a 50-state version of it. At LawMoose, we get enhanced searching capabilities, easy access to just about any Minnesota materials we need, and bonuses such as the ability to save searches and to search the index of the Minnesota Statutes."
    Bill Jack, Dorsey & Whitney LLP, The Internet Column - Free Statutes and Cases On the Web, Revisited, MALL Newsletter (published by Minnesota Association of Law Libraries), September/October 2001, at 11, 12. (Acrobat viewer req'd).
  • "If it has to do with the legal community and ... Minnesota, it is most likely a link on searchable subject index LawMoose! ... The site features keyword searching in any or all of its collections[.] LawMoose could also benefit the lay person living in Minnesota. ... [E]xcellent site."
    Tara Calishain, LLRXBuzz, The Latest on Legal Research, September 24, 2001. Ms. Calishain is co-author of the Official Netscape Guide to Internet Research and other books.
  • "I think that LawMoose is definitely on its way to the top tier. It is head and shoulders above everyone else. I'd say LawMoose is the best innovation in legal research since the hyperlink."
    Law librarian and professional web researcher, AmLaw20 law firm headquartered in Chicago, Illinois
  • "By now, most Minnesota attorneys connected to the Internet and familiar with the World Wide Web have heard of LawMoose, which is being touted as the first comprehensive single-state legal search engine on the Web. [LawMoose is] continually expanding and improving[.]"
    Michelle Lore, LawMoose: a roaming, growing e-community, Law Tech News at 1, September, 2001, a supplement to Minnesota Lawyer, September 10, 2001 (prepared to coincide with the Minnesota Law & Technology Show 2001).
  • Law-Related Web Site for the Month of August 2001.

    "LawMoose is an essential gateway to Minnesota legal research on the free web. It features a search engine of Minnesota legal resources (cases, statutes, law school web sites, law library web sites, court web sites etc.). You can search the contents of all (or some) of these sites right from the LawMoose site. LawMoose also contains a very comprehensive directory of Minnesota law firms and a other Minnesota law-related websites. LawMoose has recently received many well-deserved accolades on a national level."

    Hamline Law Library, St. Paul, Minnesota, August 2001.
  • LawMoose is designated one of 12 Cool Sites and Tools for Searchers. "From time to time, SearchDay takes quick looks at interesting search-related sites[.] You'll want to consider adding many of these to your search toolkit[.]"
    Chris Sherman, SearchDay, July 26, 2001. SearchDay is a newsletter published by Search Engine Watch, the leading authority on Web search engines!
  • "Best resource to find a Minnesota lawyer!"
    Jim Patterson
    Patent attorney and Founding Partner
    Patterson, Thuente, Skaar & Christensen, P.A.
    Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • "LawMoose! is a broad site with everything [Pritchard Law Webs founder LaVern] Pritchard considers law and Minnesotan. On the site you can download tax and litigation forms, read the Duluth News Tribune's coverage of the Donald Blom trial, look up public defenders, or use the site's powerful search engine."
    Citibusiness, Wide Angle - Trends Across the Nation - Law site, July 20, 2001 at 21.
  • "One of the finest innovations in legal information is in West's backyard: the new "legal community knowledge server" for Minnesota lawyers. ... It is a superb idea, and as the only regional legal resource as yet existing in the country, it fosters community, unlike the large portal sites. (I don't even live in Minnesota and I like to visit LawMoose.)"
    Wendy R. Leibowitz, Who Owns the Law (As I Was Saying column), Law Practice Management, July/August 2001, at 10, 15. Ms. Leibowitz also regularly writes about legal technology on her own award-winning site, WendyTech.com, featuring legal news and articles about technology and the law.
  • Web Site of the Week. "GREAT SITE!!"
    American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants, Minneapolis Chapter, June 24, 2001
  • "[LawMoose] is the most interesting thing I've seen in a while. ... It is absolutely fantastic. ... It works beautifully ... you don't have to be specific about the state .... I don't know of too many others that are really a true regional legal search. [If LawMoose expands to other states] that would really be a huge change for legal researchers because ... the truth ... is it is all jurisdictional, so if you have a place where you could search across all these databases with key words -- actually that's an improvement over what Westlaw and Lexis can do for you. ... I'd like to see more of those ... I'd like to see one for Massachusetts."
    Deanna Barmakian, Reference Librarian, Harvard Law School Law Library, during her presentation: Search Engines for Law at the 11th Annual Conference for Law School Computing, June 21, 2001. The conference, held at Suffolk University Law School, Boston, Massachusetts, drew attendees from 184 law schools and other institutions. Ms. Barmakian's presentation grew out of her research for her article, Better Search Engines for Law, 92 Law Library Journal 399 (2000).

    If you have the RealVideo player, you can view the presentation in its entirety. (The LawMoose segment begins at about twenty-nine minutes into the presentation.)

  • "I'm writing to say I think [LawMoose] is a great site. The idea of having the kind of information lawyers actually use organized in an easily accessible way is truly needed."
    Attorney/Web Entrepreneur, Massachusetts, June 2001
  • "Site of the Week" ... "GREAT SITE!!"
    American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants, Minneapolis Chapter, June, 2001
  • "I am so glad I found this site!!"
    Townhome Owner, looking for information about townhome owners' rights, Twin Cities, Minnesota, USA, June 2001
  • "Minnesota law megasite done right."
    T.R. Halvorson, LexNotes.com, June, 2001

  • LawMoose is named June 2001 MVP Site and to the MVP Site Honor Roll as a web site "of particular interest to legal professionals." "Lawmoose.com is an excellent resource for Minnesota lawyers ... from Pritchard Law Webs. Though mainly intended as a regional site, lawyers elsewhere could find it very useful. Perhaps more important, its superior organization and operation provide a good model ...."
    Jerry Lawson, Internet Tools for Lawyers, June 1, 2001
  • "When practitioners take and shape the law away from the established bodies, the information usually becomes more useful to all involved. One of the finest examples of this is LawMoose, a Web site aimed at those interested in Minnesota law. The site, at www.lawmoose.com, builds community as it adds information."
    Wendy Leibowitz, Taking the Law into Your Own Hands, Wendytech.com, May 4, 2001
  • "The ABA's [TechShow] trademark .... "Sites in 60 Minutes" ... [presentation was] exceptionally strong this year. ... The 60 siters -- Burgess Allison, Mark Tamminga, and Jeff Flax -- presented sites that ranged from the truly staggeringly awful .... to the truly useful, such as LawMoose, http://www.lawmoose.com, a developing "legal community knowledge server" put together by Minnesota lawyer LaVern Pritchard."
    Wendy R. Leibowitz, ABA TechShow: At the Gates of the Emerald City, LLRX.com, April 2, 2001
  • We featured LawMoose in "60 Sites in 60 Minutes" at the 2001 ABA TechShow because of its "innovative way of combining human-based and spider-based knowledge systems to produce a useful regional law site."
    G. Burgess Allison, Mitre Corp., author of the bestseller for lawyers, The Lawyer's Guide to the Internet and the popular "Technology Update" column in Law Practice Management magazine, April 2001
  • "Editor's Pick for Law -- You don't have to practice in the state of Minnesota to benefit from the resources found here. .... Go see for yourself."
    StudyWeb, Links for Learning March, 2001
  • "The Minnesota Law Moose is a terrific search engine for hundreds of legal resources in Minnesota."
    David Schultz, Surfing the Law: Legal Resources on the Web, Ramsey County Barrister, March 2001
  • "LawMoose, while still under construction, already offers an impressive amount of information to assist a lawyer in conducting legal research."
    Prof. Robert Oliphant, Internet Research Sites for Minnesota Lawyers, New Law Office Technology to Enhance Client Services, MSBA Continuing Legal Education seminar coursebook, March 2001
  • "This is an excellent resource site for legal professionals that practice in Minnesota. Lawmoose.com offers links to bar associations, courts, lawyers, statutes, and much more that affects the Minnesota legal community."
    5 Hot Sites in 5 Seconds Column, LawPractice.news, February, 2001. LawPractice.news is an electronic newsletter published by the American Bar Association Law Practice Management Section.
  • "There's a new beast crashing through the dense thicket of the World Wide Web. It is called LawMoose. LawMoose.com is a Web site that allows users to search through virtually every law-related site in Minnesota for lawyers, cases, documents and any other conceivable legal minutiae. LawMoose also serves as a portal to law firm home pages around the state."
    The Moose That Searches Minnesota Law, Minnesota Law & Politics, February 2001, p. 55
  • LawMoose and Google are listed as the two "essential" search engines for Minnesota lawyers.
    Mary Rumsey, University of Minnesota Law School Law Library, Legal Research on the Internet presentation, 2000 New Lawyer Experience, December 2000 (sponsored by Minnesota CLE).
  • "Best Minnesota Legal Web Site -- LawMoose will be the first comprehensive single-state legal search engine on the Web. Like AltaVista, Google, FindLaw and other search engines, LawMoose lets you type in search words and get a list of hits. Unlike other search engines, LawMoose focuses exclusively on Minnesota statutes, courts, law firms and other Minnesota legal information."
    60 Hot Legal PC Tips and Netsites in 60 Minutes, Minnesota Law & Technology Show, Minneapolis Convention Center, September 19, 2000
  • "I have searched and searched the web for information about different Minnesota Laws & Statutes, and I came up empty handed. I finally found a site, Law Moose, that not only gave me the information I needed, but revealed it in a clear and understanding format. Thanks!!"
    Minnesotan in need of legal information, September 2000
  • "I've spent a little time with LawMoose and I am really impressed. It's wickedly fast. You really have a winner here."
    Missouri lawyer/web developer, September, 2000

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