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Legal History

U.S. Legal History

  • North Dakota Legal History
  • U.S. Colonial Legal History
  • U.S. Legal History (Revolutionary War - 1799)
  • U.S. Legal History - (1800's)
  • U.S. Presidents and Presidential History
  • U.S. Supreme Court and Justices History
  • Wisconsin Legal History

  • Resources in this category:
       Historic Documents (Wisconsin State Law Library)
       A History of the American Legal Profession by Carrington, Paul D. (April 1, 2004) (Duke University Law School)
    Draft table of contents of a book tracing the history of the American legal profession from the Declaration of Independence to "tort reform". 10 pages.
       Affirmative Action Revisited: a Legal History and Prospectus (Congressional Research Service)
       Avalon Project at Yale Law School: Documents in Law, History and Diplomacy (Yale Law School Lillian Goldman Law Library)
    Publishes "primary source materials in the fields of Law, History, Economics, Politics, Diplomacy and Government." Documents as ancient as 122 B.C. and as current as the 21st century.
       Brief History and Overview of the U.S. Copyright Office (U.S. Copyright Office)
       Brief History of the Consolidation of Legal Publishing (Rhode Island LawPress)
    Introduction to Legal Information Buyer's Guide and Reference Manual by Kendall Svengalis. 2005. 6 pages.
       Copyright Law and Practice, Chapter 1 (on the History of Copyright Law) (Digital Law Online)
    This is the first chapter of William F. Patry's treatise, "Copyright Law and Practice" (BNA Books 1994). Prof. Holaar, who publishes Digital Law Online, and reprints this chapter with consent of BNA, calls it "one of the most readable and comprehensive works on copyright law." This book excerpt includes the 2000 Cumulative Supplement to Chapter 1.
       Creating the Federal Judicial System, Second Edition (1994) (Federal Judicial Center)
    "The first edition of this publication was prepared as a reference work for the use of federal court personnel during the bicentennial year of the federal judicial system. We have revised and reissued it because of substantial interest from court personnel and students of American judicial history and politics. ... The maps illustrate the changing configuration of the districts and circuits of the federal courts in the states over time." 34 pages.
       Federal Trade Commission: A History (Federal Trade Commission)
       Flag Protection: A Brief History and Summary of Recent Supreme Court Decisions and Proposed Constitutional Amendment (Congressional Research Service)
       Historical Society of the Tenth Judicial Circuit
       Historical Society of the United States Courts in the Eighth Circuit
    "The Historical Society's mission is to preserve and celebrate the rich history of the federal courts of the seven states that make up the Eighth Circuit. Toward this end, the Historical Society has organized separate branches for each of the United States district courts [in the Eighth Circuit]."
       John J. Sirica: A Register of His Papers in the Library of Congress (Library of Congress)
    "38,000 items; 123 containers plus 1 classified; 49.2 linear feet."
       Law Library of the Lawyers Club, Equitable Building, New York. (New York Public Library)
    Photograph of the law library as temple to a learned and elite profession, i.e. in the "good old days", before legal information became more accessible electronically than in print.
       Missouri Supreme Court Historical Database (Missouiri Secretary of State)
    "Provides an index and abstract of the criminal and civil court cases ... appealed to the territorial and state Supreme Court of Missouri up to 1861, and a partial listing of cases to 1871. A number of documents in the earliest cases date from the 1780s and 1790s[.]

    Made possible through a "partnership between the Missouri State Archives, the Supreme Court of Missouri, and the Supreme Court of Missouri Historical Society. The goal is to create a complete index for case files to the present."

       Money! Power! Ambition Gone Awry! A Frank History of the Big-Time American Lawyer by Gordon, Robert W. (March 1, 2006) (Legal Affairs)
       Neuremberg Trials Project (Harvard Law School Library)
       Nevada Judicial Historical Society (Supreem Court of Nevada Law Library)
    Of note: the link to Ten Famous Cases of the Nevada Supreme Court, 1865-1937.
       Ninth Judicial Circuit Historical Society
    Among other activities, the society publishes Western Legal History scholarly journal and other publications.
       Order in the Courts: A History of the Federal Court Clerk's Office (2002) (Federal Judicial Center)
       Unabomber Trial (Sacramento Bee)
    Reports about the investigation, trial and sentencing. Includses selected documents from the court file in U.S. v. Theodore John Kaczynski.
       Women's Legal History Biography Project (Stanford Law School)
    "Resource for all who are interested in the subject of women lawyers in the United States. Our main tool is biography, a study of the lives of the individual women lawyers, and the movements and philosophies that inspired and sustained them. "
       WWW Virtual Library: Legal History (Steffen Bressler)
    "These pages try to list systematically and critically legal history resources in the internet. ... With every link comes a short commentary[.]" In English and German.
       Archives of Maryland Online (Maryland State Archives)
       History of the Federal Judiciary (Federal Judicial Center)
       Tax History Project (Tax Analysts)
    "]E]stablished ... in 1995 to provide scholars, policymakers, students, the media, and citizens with information about the history of American taxation. The project pursues its mission through a program of web-based documentary publication and original historical research."

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