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LaVern Pritchard
(612) 332-0102

August 21, 2002


Pritchard Law Webs, publisher of LawMoose, the award-winning gateway site and specialty search engine for and about the Minnesota legal community, www.lawmoose.com, announces a major expansion of its coverage of law and lawyers at the regional and world levels. The new services are possible because LawMoose's custom software "brain" is now smarter and capable of managing and presenting multiple communities and specialty legal resources.

LawMoose's newest community knowledge server covers Wisconsin law and the Wisconsin legal community. Meanwhile, LawMoose's new World Legal Resource Center is a specialty search engine capable of launching productive web research sessions about almost anything pertaining to law and lawyers anywhere in the world.

Home of the Wisconsin Legal Web

The new LawMoose Wisconsin law portal takes advantage of what Pritchard Law Webs has learned in the two years since it launched its comprehensive Minnesota state law portal, the Home of the Minnesota Legal Web, in 2000.

LaVern A. Pritchard, founder of Pritchard Law Webs, explains that "in expanding our scope to cover both Wisconsin and Minnesota, we have worked hard to preserve 100% of the value of the state-level localization we've always offered Minnesotans. Our solution is to present the site in such a way that each community or knowledge center remains distinct. Each community is carefully customized to the particular resources that exist in the jurisdiction. At the same time, we provide one-click connections to other communities and web resources for comparison and further research. Visitors can come directly into any community. And visitors can personalize LawMoose to always start at their own community. LawMoose is moving well along toward the goal of making technology work the way you want it to work."

The LawMoose Wisconsin law portal features a powerful home page with links to key Wisconsin law and legal community sites as well as the Wisconsin edition of the LawMoose search engine, which features groups of related law sites presented as search collections visitors can search separately or simultaneously.

LawMoose's targeted legal community search capability is unlike anything else available on the public Web. At LawMoose, you can limit your search to sites published by Wisconsin courts, by that state's bar associations and other law-related associations, by Wisconsin's law schools or its private law firms. Or you can search across the entire Wisconsin Legal Web at once.

There are even hundreds of "Super-Easy" searches prewritten to seek information pertinent to every county, city and town in Wisconsin.

Visitors can highlight their search terms on pages found through the LawMoose search engine and save links to their own LawMoose personal research clipboard. There, they can annotate them and even send them via E-mail.

If the Wisconsin Legal Web does not have what you are looking for, or if you want more information than you can find on a single state's law sites, use LawMoose's "Find Out More About" links or move over to another of LawMoose's community knowledge servers.

The "Find Out More About" links, found at the bottom of each page of search results, allow you to send your search term onto other pre-selected Wisconsin as well as general law, news, and general search sites.

This means that, at LawMoose, visitors can start searching in their own community and expand their search scope concentrically, literally across the Web if need be.

LawMoose's Home of the Wisconsin Legal Web portal and search engine appears on the Web at http://www.lawmoose.com/wilaw.

LawMoose World Legal Resource Center

The new LawMoose World Legal Resource Center allows visitors to search across the best legal research and reference sites without getting bogged down in irrelevant or overly commercialized results.

The secret is in Pritchard Law Webs' editorial selection of sites to index for the resource center. Only credible, authoritative sites that already individually serve as starting points and hubs are indexed. LawMoose lets you centrally search just these sites, to find the best of the best, letting them take you the rest of the way to your final destination.

LaVern Pritchard, founder of Pritchard Law Webs, says, "Our new World Legal Resource Center will take you to many valuable places very quickly, simply, efficiently because LawMoose immediately routes you to the precise points on the best legal research sites on the Web pertaining to your particular interest."

The World Legal Resource Center includes sites providing high quality coverage of foreign and international law as well as US law so that visitors from across the globe seeking English language legal resources can find information pertinent to their jurisdiction. The World Legal Resource Center's search collection is small by general purpose search engine standards but exceedingly large by the standards of traditional legal directory web sites.

Already, the World Legal Resource Center is not only serving LawMoose users but also web visitors from all parts of the world who visit the Internet Law Library at Pritchard Law Webs, a successor to the former U.S. House of Representatives Internet Law Library, one of the Web's early world law portals. The Internet Law Library's default search choice is now the LawMoose World Legal Resource Center. The World Legal Resource Center home page may remind Internet Law Library visitors of the Internet Law Library itself because it includes Super-Easy Search links for every country in the world, every capital city in the world, every US state, and every Canadian province.

The LawMoose World Legal Resource Center appears on the Web at http://www.lawmoose.com/worldlaw.

Enhancements to the Home of the Minnesota Legal Web

Meanwhile, LawMoose's flagship Minnesota law portal has a new look -- new masthead, fonts and color schemes -- and some valuable new features uniquely tailored to Minnesota.

For example, if you locate a Minnesota court case using the LawMoose search engine and notice that it contains many citations to the Minnesota Statutes, you can now click "AutoLink to MN Stats." When you do, LawMoose will turn those plain text citations into live links to each of the pertinent Minnesota Statutes sections. That capability may well redefine what a web portal is capable of doing to make already high-value knowledge resources even more integrated and accessible.


Pritchard Law Webs, publisher of LawMoose, is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. LawMoose, "Home of the Minnesota Legal Web", and "Home of the Wisconsin Legal Web" are service marks of Pritchard Law Webs.



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